ellie herring | “Letter to Remind Myself Who I Want To Be Today”
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“Letter to Remind Myself Who I Want To Be Today”

The following excerpt is from John Halcyon Styn’s “Love more. Fear less. Float more. Steer less.” Halcyon is a storyteller and lifestyle artist. Check out his podcast Hug Nation and follow him on Facebook for more bits of daily wisdom. 

Good morning and welcome to this brand new day!

Your existence today is a miracle — every thought, sight, and sensation is a gift.

You are an expression of the divine.

You will attend to daily tasks, but never forget that your purpose is to show and share Love.

You are a blessing on the world.

Your smile and warm eyes are gifts you can share all day long.

You can see the divine seed in everyone. And you feel compassion for all.

You are unaffected by others’ stress and anger.

You are connected to all things.

You have the ability to be in harmony with everyone and everything.

You refuse to retaliate or be lured into conflict.

You are confident, but humble.

You are a good listener.

You are open to possibility.

You pay attention to roadside flowers, cloud formations, and children’s faces.

You see the miracles present in every moment.

You are overflowing with gratitude.

You will never have this day again… Enjoy!